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About Catfish Diving and Salvage Company, Inc.


  1. 24/7 emergency service 365 days/year
  2. 1 to 4 man diving operations as required
  3. Fully mobile to job site & self supporting during job
  4. Dock-side or water-platform operations
  5. Hull, defuser pipe, keel cooler, and grate cleaning
  6. All types of mechanical repairs
  7. Installation of large diameter pipe plugs
  8. Cable and pipe line laying
  9. Potable water system inspection & repair
  10. Wastewater treatment system inspection & repair
  11. Hydrographical Survey

Capabilities with Owned Equipment

  1. 6 x 10 trailer with SSA setup
  2. Steel and concrete pile cutting w/Broco 22 Exothermic cutting torch
  3. Wood pile and debris removal w/Stanley CS-11 hydraulic chain saw, 18hp power pack
  4. Welding with Lincoln 250 amp "RANGER" welder/generator
  5. Trench cutting/spoil relocation with handheld dredge and 11 hp Hale fire pump
  6. De-watering with 4" eductor powered by 11hp Hale fire pump; 3hp pacer pump
  7. Prop removal with 5, 10, or 50 ton hydraulic ram
  8. Video Inspection w/Ikelite Video & 100 watt light
  9. Still shots with Sea & Sea Motormarine II
  10. CCTV (closed circuit TV) for immediate inspection by topside personnel
  11. Search & Recovery with reels, leaded grid lines and Fisher 1280 metal detector
  12. Mooring GPS fixation with Garman GPS
  13. SSA, KM 27B & 18B with hardwire communications
  14. SSA, AGA w/wireless communications
  15. Scuba, AGA w/wireless communications
  16. 22’ fiberglass dive platform/work boat with 90hp motor to take diving services to your distress location.
  17. Vessel refloating with air bags (50,000 lbs. cap. on hand), 9 cfm gas air compressor
  18. Pneumatic cutting, drilling and grinding tools

Insurance in place

  1. Commercial Diving General Liability 1 mil
  2. Commercial Diving Workman’s Comp

Partial listing of over 6000 jobs indicating varied type of service performed

  1. Diver Corp., Washington, NC
    -salvage cutting of u/w piles with hydraulic chainsaw
    -salvage cutting of R/R iron with Broco
  2. Fountain Power Boats, Inc., Washington, NC
    -installation of 175’ 8” pressure fire water main under harbor
    -trenching in 3’ below substrate with handheld dredge
    -harbor depth survey, and removal of obstructing stumps
    -Reggie Fountain’s personal helicopter rescue diver for ‘98, ‘99, 2000 APBA Offshore Races
  3. Beaufort County Community College, Washington, NC (scuba instructor)
  4. T. F., Washington, NC (u/w chainsaw pile cutting & cable rigging for removal w/crane)
  5. Wimco Inc., Washington, NC (cleaning)
  6. Alligator River Marina, Columbia, NC
    -R & R props, shafts, rudders, and anodes for transcient customers
  7. E. B., New Bern, NC (refloating 50’ yacht via airbags)
  8. Archer-Western Contractors, Ltd., Ft. Lauderdale, FL (cutting 18” H-beams @ mud line & rigging for crane removal on NCDOT Greene St. Bridge replacement project in Greenville, NC)
  9. Fjord Fisheries. Inc., Cos Cob, NY (R & R 37” props and 300 lbs. rudders)
  10. Morgan Seafood, Inc., Columbia, NC (damage inspection & repair)
  11. Weeks Marine, Inc., Cranford, NJ (tugboat damage inspection and repair)
  12. US Army Corp of Engineers, Wilmington, NC (On call 24/7)
    (Vessels FRY, MERRITT, and SNELL)
    -R & R 42” props
    -R & R/repair of 4” “Shaft Saver” cutlass bearings
    -video inspections
    -S&R of Sea Buoys, dredge pipes, propulsion units, etc.
  13. W.E., Raleigh, NC (inspection and anode replacement)
  14. Carolina Wind Yachting Center, Washington, NC (inspection, flood debris removal, etc.)
  15. Salty Dawg Marina, Manteo, NC (general vessel repair)
  16. Triton Yachts, Oriental, NC (Vessel relocation prep)
  17. SEA TOW, Manteo, NC (refloating 25’ sportfisherman w/ tower in Croatan Sound)
  18. MCHP, Glen Arm, MD (cutting ¾” steel cable from fouled 37” props and R & R same)
  19. J.B., Washington, NC (R & R 5/8” chain, shackles on river mooring buoy)
  20. R & G Construction Co., Inc., Washington, NC (Bottom survey of waterfront renovation project at Stewart Parkway, Washington, NC, and S&R of lost 02
  21. Draper-Aden Associates, Inc., Apex, NC (Level II inspection c video of NC State Park diving platform)
  22. W.H., Asheville, NC (Relocation of 350 lb mushroom mooring)
  23. T.M., New Bern, NC (refloating 50 ton 63’ wooden sailboat from 16’)
  24. Sheraton Marina, New Bern, NC (refloating 40’ houseboat sunk in slip from 12’)
  25. Lake Norman Dredge and Marine Construction, Inc., Mooresville, NC (14” dredge keelcooler inspection/seawater intake repair)
  26. OBX Prop, Wanchese, NC (R&R of props on vessels too large for 70 ton sling lift)
  27. MM., Williamston, NC (recovery of Ford F350 dually with trailer from 35’ depth Garner’s Creek)
  28. Carolina Sailing Cruises, Inc., Washington, NC (inspection and anode replacement)
  29. SEA TOW, Wanchese, NC (install metal patch to prevent 50’+ yacht from sinking)
  30. Preston Marine, Inc., New Bern, NC (R&R props, anodes)
  31. Quarter Deck Marina, Bath, NC (u/w repairs to boat ramp/debris removal at end)
  32. R & R Dive Service, Newport, NC (referrals for refloating with air bags)
  33. City of Washington, NC (Stewart Parkway hydrological survey for hazards at new dock)
  34. Telford Group, Bangor, ME (location of Cessna 208 airplane in Croatan Sound)
  35. Alligator River Growers, Engelhard, NC (salvage cutting of ¾” bolts with Broco to release 48” drainage pump)
  36. R.M., Blounts Creek, NC (stump removal obstructing harbor via air bags)
  37. D.N., Washington, NC (locate lost mooring anchor)
  38. P.H., Washington, NC (replace mooring chain)
  39. A.M., Washington, NC (S&R lost prop and reinstall)
  40. P.K., Washington, NC (locate lost jib furling mechanism)
  41. Washington Yacht & Country Club (dredging, re-floating and removal of large log from slip)
  42. C.N., Chocowinity, NC (S&R lost watch)
  43. K.B., Washington, NC (R&R 1 3/8" shaft and prop)
  44. G.A., Washington, NC (locate lost mooring)
  45. C.B., Elizabeth City, NC ( R&R 30" prop)
  46. P.M., Washington, NC (R&R 1 1/4" cutlass bearing)
  47. Crowder Construction Co. Inc., Charlotte, NC (valve work in New Bern Waste Treatment Plant)
  48. R.H., Elizabeth City, NC (patch and re-float sailboat)
  49. AB Co., Oregon Inlet, NC (recover lost depth sounder)
  50. T.G.M., New Bern, NC ( dredge trenches under boat to attach slings for lifting)
  51. G.M., Alligator River, NC (R&R stb. 1 3/4" shaft, prop)
  52. D.C., Alligator River, NC (emergency call via 22' work boat to free prop and recover lost anchor)
  53. M.B., Washington, NC (steel ramp repair on loading dock)
  54. Sea Tow, Long Shoal, NC (refloat 50' Ocean Yacht)
  55. T.D. Eure, Inc., Morehead City, NC (remove u/w bolts in floating docks during dock demolition job at Cypress Landing)
  56. Bean Stuyvesant Dredging Co., New Orleans, LA (install 2 hull seals in hopper dredge to facilitate repair of 48" hydraulic cylinder at State Port in Wilmington, NC)
  57. R.S., Chocowinity, NC (pump out, locate leak and patch 30' sailboat to keep from sinking)
  58. Purdue Farms, Inc. , Lewiston, NC (repair wastewater treatment plant)

Marinas Regularly Worked

  1. Washington Yacht and Country Club, Washington, NC
  2. Washington Waterfront Docks, Washington, NC
  3. McCotter’s Marina, Washington, NC
  4. Broad Creek Marina, Washington, NC
  5. Pamlico Plantation Marina, Washington, NC
  6. Carolina Wind and Sail Marina, Washington, NC
  7. Catch the Wind School of Sailing, Washington, NC
  8. Cypress Landing Marina, Chocowinity, NC
  9. Bath Harbor Marina, Bath, NC
  10. Alligator River Marina, Columbia, NC
  11. Wanchese Industrial Seafood Park, Wanchese, NC
  12. Buddy Davis Yachts, Wanchese, NC
  13. Outer Banks Marine Maintenance, Wanchese, NC
  14. Salty Dawg Marina, Manteo, NC
  15. Bridgepoint Marina, New Bern, NC
  16. Triton Yacht, Oriental, NC

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