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Catfish Diving and Salvage Company, Inc. in Eastern North Carolina has specialized in underwater services since 1990.

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Services Offered:
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Underwater Cleaning
The task of removing marine growth from boat hulls, diffuser pipes, seawater intakes, keel coolers, propellers and shafts, grates and slides, etc. This is normally done manually with various hand tools adapted to the situation.

3 & 4 Man Surface Supplied Air Diving
A crew consisting of a dive supervisor, primary diver, safety diver and tender/profiler to carry out diving operations in accordance to OSHA, federal, state and/or USACE Guidelines. A 6x10 trailer with surface supplied air cascade system and communications is set up at the dive site to conduct the dive. Equipment can be transferred to a floating platform if required. Crew works mostly within the confines of North Carolina doing emergency jobs for the USACE.

Mechanical Work/Repairs
Practically anything that can be done on dry land can also be done underwater. Most common are prop, shaft, and cutlass bearing changes to yachts suffering from grounding damage. I carry a full assortment of tools with me at all times to cover 90% of required tasks including pullers to handle 3 ½” shafts, hydraulic rams to 50 tons, pneumatic drills and grinders, etc.

Pipeline & Cable Installation/Repair
The process of laying in cable or assembling pipeline at a desired depth. Normally this depth is below substrate and has to be trenched in with a hand dredge.

Refloating Sunk Vessels
The process of using inflatable air bags to bring a sunken vessel (or other object) back to the surface. I have in stock various sized marine salvage air bags with a combined total capacity of 40,000 lbs. along with necessary slings, hoses, straps, manifold, and compressor to complete the job.

Salvage Cutting (exothermic & hydraulic)
Consists of 3 basic types:
1) Light cutting of cable, chain, rope, wire using normal hacksaws, bolt cutters, etc.
2) Cutting of wood, pilings, bulkheads, and timbers using a Stanley CS-11 hydraulic chainsaw with 18 hp hydraulic power-pack
3) Cutting of steel, brass, stainless, concrete using a Broco BR-22 Exothermic cutting torch. Two oxygen cylinders and 200 rods are kept on hand at all times for emergencies.

Search & Recovery (includes metal detection)
Proven search patterns and techniques are employed to conduct a consistent and systematic search of an area to locate a lost item. Actual search may originate with a witness account of LKP or GPS coordinates. Metal detectors may be used for small items or items buried in the sand.

Contaminated Water Diving
Catfish Diving Company offers inspection and repair of waste water treatment plants.

Inspections/Video Surveys
An inspection consists of a detailed survey and report of an item in question. It is usually conducted to industry accepted Level I, II, or III.  An Ikelite VHS video camera with light is used to record underwater scenes for surface viewing. Legible videos have been produced with visibility less than 2 feet.  A “fisheye” connected by cable to a surface 5-inch monitor may be carried down by diver and held in position for topside personnel to immediately visualize the desired item.

Hydrographic Surveys
Catfish Diving Company offers professional hydrographic surveys.   All surveys are carried out according to standard engineering practices.  Landon Younce, PE is on staff to over see operations and to provide finished graphics.

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